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Most blogs are boring, don’t you think?

Self-interested egotistical rants, serving little more than to make the author feel better about himself. Seldom do they consistently inform or entertain, with even the best writers occasionally lapsing into unashamed self-promotion.

Blogs are for self-absorbed prima donnas who wish to preen and posture, before a public whose disinterest is matched only by the author’s willingness to ignore it.

I want one!

Blogs are also a personal diary, documenting the thoughts of an individual over what is usually a short period of time. Blogs don’t normally last that long. Authors eventually realise that the world does not really crave their views. The seething masses are so overwhelmed by a saturation of media and opinion, that an unedited stream of verbiage from Mister H. A. Nobody can’t compete for even one of the hundreds of mouse clicks they’ll make today.

This will be my third blog, having written a couple of weeklies on Australian football in the past. One lasted two years. Fizzzzzzzz.

So I’ll be writing for myself, and for my wife. A guaranteed audience of two will do me fine. My subjects will be broad, and my writing aimed at satisfying an innate desire, that exists in many people, to jot down my thoughts for later. To make a record of where my life was at, at the time I wrote them down.

If you’re reading this and you are not me or my wife (and a lot of people aren’t) then perhaps you ought to be thinking about how you use your time. After all, blogs are useless noise, right?

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