Pose Running

See this post for how I got here, and a description of what Pose Running is.

I’ve been lucky enough to get hold of an old video showing Dr. Romanov demonstrating the technique, and various exercises he recommends for developing it. The main principles of Pose are:

  1. Landing on the forefoot
  2. Impacting the ground as close as possible to your body (not right out in front of yourself)
  3. The use of the hamstring to raise the leg after landing, directly up under the torso
  4. Keeping the shoulders, hips and ankles as vertically aligned as possible.

The exercises designed by Romanov range in difficulty, from beginner to advanced. There are four stages in learning just the exercises! The ones in stage four require a fair amount of coordination, but you can pretty much get started straight away, running with a Pose action. And I have.

I decided to mix Pose running sessions in with ones of my natural action, increasing the kilometres gradually.

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