Running Old

I’ve always been sporty. Always loved keeping active and working up a sweat. When I was 20, it seemed I could do this continuously, relentlessly. The only time I got injured, was when I ran into something.

Problem was, my chosen sport was Australian football. A high contact sport, that I wasn’t very good at. This meant that I ran into things a lot. I was very prone to injury throughout the 12 years or so that I played, finishing with enough x-rays to make a life-size self-portrait.

I’m older now, and my current love is running. Distance running, over the marathon and half marathon distances. The thing is, I don’t need impact these days to become injured. Calves, hamstrings, IT band, knees, back, hips. Any or all of these things seem to be hurting almost all the time nowadays.

I love my running, and it’s something I want to be able to do forever. We all know people though, that will tell you they can’t run any more because of this injury or that. Avoiding ever having to talk that way has become a top priority!

But what you do? New shoes? Tried it, no success. Physio/Osteo/Chiro/Massage/Whatever? Temporary fixes, and not an attractive lifelong financial commitment!

Unfortunately, a family trait that I have inherited means that once an idea like this has been planted, it will fester in the mind as an obsession, until all avenues have been explored.

Enter, Avenue number one – Pose running

Pose running is the brainchild of Nicholas Romanov. Romanov was a Russian bio-mechanist, prominent in the 80’s and 90’s. He was an Olympic coach, and an innovator in the study of human movement, for the improvement of athletic performance. There are two main claims made by Pose running enthusiasts. Firstly, it’ll make you faster (TICK) and secondly it’ll make you less prone to injury (TICK).

It’s a slippery slope from here, but I’m jumping in.

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