Pose – Week 1

I did 2 runs (17 km, about 40% of my running) for the week, trying to maintain the Pose action. Early on in the runs the action felt good, a little awkward but pretty refreshing. It’s the sort of action I might have broken into previously for a few strides during a warmup. Knees up, springing around on my toes. It takes a lot of concentration to keep it up. I’m sure that a big reason I love running, is the opportunity to switch off my head for a while, and watch all of the scenery go by. Radically changing my technique (I am finding), requires constant attention, or I find myself falling into my old stride. I suppose that’s to be expected.

I’ve also done one session of the exercises in level 1. They basically consists of hopping and skipping from 1 foot to the other, as well as standing still, balancing in “Pose shape”.

I think these will become useful eventually . . . . but I suck at them right now! It’s starting to make a great deal of sense to me that controlled impact with the ground, providing myself a balanced and stable platform with each stride, will do wonders for my running. I am miles from this at the moment. The exercises will help my leg strength and balance, without question.

My calves are killing me! I mean they’re really sore. People keep asking me what’s wrong, as I’m limping around and clutching the banister whenever I encounter some stairs. The calf soreness made my second run (and my other “natural” sessions) much more difficult to get through, and a lot slower than normal. I’m not too worried by that though, as my recent injuries have slowed me down a lot anyway, and I’m thinking long-term here.

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