My Talk from LAST 2014

A few of those that saw this talk asked for the slides, so here they are. It’s actually a Prezi, and the link below will play it without a Prezi account. Thanks to those that attended and for the feedback afterward.

Conference Lanyrd Talk Description

When the finance guys walk past the development teams on their way to the tea room, they’ve noticed a few things. There’s stuff all over the walls, there are groups standing when they meet, there’s chatter and energy there. The finance guys want a bit of that and with great enthusiasm, they erect a card wall. “We’re agile now!”

Almost guys! What you really need is to get “100% Certified”.

This talk is about introducing agile concepts to groups outside development, showing them that agile done well is more than skin deep. The notion that values should drive ideas and work practices can be overlaid onto any team endeavour. In a world where agile is increasingly commoditised, this talk will help you to get others in your organisation thinking the right way in their attempts to understand and adopt agility.



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