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Quick Link : My video course on Node JS is here

Quick Link : Snippets for the course can be downloaded here


Over the years, I’ve often been frustrated by two aspects of the resources I’m able to find when learning (teaching myself) something new about developing software.

  • There’s always some assumed knowledge
  • There’s always some stuff that’s assumed to be installed on my computer

oh, and …

  • It feels like AGES between when I start learning and when the fun begins (I build something useful!)

So I thought I’d make a free Node JS course for people that are completely new to NodeJS, or even development itself – and try to make mine a little different.

Inspired by the great John Muir, my course is a set of step-by-step procedures for building an NodeJS web app from scratch.

The course is just a series of YouTube videos that will take anyone at all, from a brand new clean Mac OS, through the process of installing everything you need to start coding. With that all done, I teach you how to created a fun, simple, but useful app using Express and MongoDB, every step of the way, using concepts and language that everybody can understand.

This is a course that:

  • Doesn’t assume you’ve ever made an app before
  • Gets you from there to coding to your own app faster than any other course I’ve found

It’s not an in depth Javascript course. I’m trying to shortcut you to the app, not teach you everything you need to know about the language. There’s lots of room left for learning once you’re done.

It’s also not a typing course, so unless you’re a glutton for punishment, download the course snippets here!

Hope you have fun with it. That’s what it’s for. Remember – it’s designed to get you there FAST with a good grasp of what’s going on. It’s definitely NOT a best-practice web app deep dive.

Go on and have-a-go.

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